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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено: 08.09.22 09:38. Заголовок: The New BIRKENSTOCK #BOLD Collection Is Here Now!

Nothing makes us more joyful than if we be able to offer our customers, you, something new and interesting. With the hearts complete, we announce the launch of your best Birkenstock UKbest Birkenstock UK #BOLD collection. By using a concentrate on men's workwear sandals, older-world elegance and handcrafting tactics are juxtaposed against modern day beauty and luxury.

Precisely what is #BOLD?

BIRKENSTOCK #BOLD sees the revival of hand made strategies to reconstruct iconic styles, Arizona and Boston. The collection remembers the heart and soul of your man aspect in making some thing incredible. Centering wholeheartedly on menswear, this collection is inspired by the traditional look and powerful impression of vintage workwear. The classic styles are manufactured employing normal aniline leather with all-natural grain, tanned with veggie natural oils and dog body fat. The content is meant to boost after a while and dress in. The very first time ever, the sandals feature a dual-prong brass buckle. The straps feature dual-rowed eyelets over the entire size and have been increased for more stableness and insurance coverage. Caused by workwear and military services shoes, the larger straps and double-pronged buckles are made to be harder, provide additional grip, think further more anxiety of put on, which will help prevent twisting. The manly collection is refined, long-enduring, and tremendously appealing.

The Collaborations

For this collection, BIRKENSTOCK has collaborated with essential craftsmen and curators. The BIRKENSTOCK #BOLD tale resonates with curator Takashi Otabe, and grasp craftsman, David Otter.

Takashi feels in getting credibility and durability to your product which he retails at his menswear retailer in the uk. For him, any product that you acquire must evoke delight and validity. His retail store, Cutch Café in London is actually all set to launch the attractive #BOLD range.

David Otter is a Cornwall-centered grasp woodworker. He utilizes age group-old tactics and hardwood to handcraft surfboards. He considers that the heart and soul of the product or service lies in a persons contact. Creating some thing by hand types a closer connection with mother nature. We collaborated to make a surfboard, a solid wood handmade 'eagle', an entire antithesis to, plus an cosmetic difficult to duplicate in size-generated surfboards.

The Collection

Arizona Striking: The incredible sandal is presented a strong, aged-college whirl. Produced from aniline leather from Horween, the subtle shine, the sturdy dual straps with increase-rowed eyelets, and double-pronged buckles offer the sandal a traditionally strong seem. It features the iconic BIRKENSTOCK footbed and it is designed in roast brownish and dark.

Boston Striking: The timeless BIRKENSTOCK clog has been provided a conventional workwear sandal handling for your collection. The aniline leather from Horween has an understated lustre due to oil treatment of the fabric. The wide solitary strap with dual rowed eyelets and twice-pronged buckle permits a custom fit. The anatomically shaped footbed makes the foundation of convenience for your clog. Available in two colors, brown roast and black color, this strong Boston version will certainly make heads change.

Exuding the 'build to last' soul, the BIRKENSTOCK #BOLD Collection has been created together with the sole slogan of attractiveness and luxury that becomes much better after a while. With #BOLD, enjoy the mix of durability and function with all the timelessness and attraction of conventional workwear.

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